Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here's a little update of what I've been doing lately, apart from being sick - which seems to be a regular occurrence. Last week the group made a special trip to Guarumales about 3 1/2 hours from Cuenca where there is a camp of Chinese workers working on a Hydro Electric Power Plant. 
We had to get permission to enter (its good to know somebody, Fausto had some connections) and so we decided to go in casual clothes so as not to draw too much attention to ourselves. 
 We had the most success going up to the habitation areas, we stood around in a group discussing what to do when curiosity got the better of some of them and they poked their heads out the window. So a couple of us went and approached them and after a brief introduction they invited us in to their rooms (normally wouldn't seem that appropriate but oh well thankfully we had brothers with us), so we kind of split up into two or three groups. There were six of us in one room which started off with only three Chinese guys but ended up being 8 or 9. Needless to say they were shocked that we were in the middle of nowhere, speaking to them in Chinese with Chinese magazines. As well as magazines and brochures we left a Bible with one group of them, and after a few minutes they came out to ask for another one. One said how thankfully he was to have the opportunity to get to know the Bible since in China he never had time. 
We hope to go back again soon, some of them will be here for a year and a half and some will be here for longer. There is a witness family that lives in the camp and so they acted as our tour guides and showed us where to find everybody. They invited us to their house for breakfast  and the sister says - 'I'm so sorry I only have 3 plates and pancakes to offer'. It always amazes me when we go on these trips these families open up their homes to us and show us amazing hospitality. I wish I had some good photos to show but maybe next time.

Climbing up the unlit path to get to the Chinos

A bunch of workers in the truck behind quite enjoying the view of all the gringas

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Tom & Elaine Plank said...

excellent Amanda, What an opportunity to give to the workers.