Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Funny field experience

Had a funny thing happen today - but first some background.

When Dad left he gave me to study with a family he had been studying with (I think it has been mentioned on this blog antes) which consists of about 5 kids. I also just started studying with another couple of kids in a different area.

Anyway todayI went off to study with the newest kids - and on my way I saw up the road a group of the kids from Dads old study - well they caught sight of me, and came running up "Aaron, Aaron! Are you coming to our house again?" "No" I had to say "I have to go and study with some other ninos at the moment" "ohhhhh" they said disappointingly - they walked and talked with me for a bit, but I had to keep going, as I was running a bit late.

Well I got to the study - 5 minutes late - and the Kids came running out all excited. The mum explained that at 4pm (the arranged time) They had been asking "were is aaron? its already passed 4!" So im glad I put the effort in to get there. They were really good kids, and I look forward to studying with them some more.

So then I started walking home - and as I'm walking along - a mum and a teenage daughter and a maybe 7 or 8 year old girl are coming towards me. I had never seen them before - but the young girl sees me and says "Mum, Mum! thats the man who tells the bible stories, I've seen him in that house over there!" Unfortunately I was rushing to get home and couldn't stop - but the mum kind of looked wierded out anyway.

Any way - its quite a pleasure to teach young children and see them excited about what they are learning. I hope to find some more young ones eager to learn!


Damaris said...

Nice experiences :)

Chad and Michele said...

Awwww... cute experiences! There are some DEFINITE advantages to sticking out like "sore thumbs" as gringos eh?

Marisa said...

I'm not surprised kids love you, Aaron. :)