Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple of Experiences

Even though we have been busy moving (and still are - very difficult process when you don't have a car and it rains all week) we have still been going out in the field each day. We have a lot of fun - mostly with our bloopers of course. Funny thing happened the other day when I walked up to a man watching some other guys working on some placards (they are having elections here soon and there are placards everywhere). After my presentation about predestination and reading him Eccl 9:11 he took the magazines. So of course I asked him his name for next time and he just pointed to the placard - there in living colour was the man's face and his name in BIG letters. It was hilarious!

Today while walking home an old man sitting on the side of the road asked us if we were Testigos de Jehova and then wanted us to give him a magazine that talked about Jehovah. Very cute.

We were in the mountains today and it is a totally exhausting morning however the very ugly shoes that I brought from the sports shop in NZ are so coming into their own. I have had a real problem with tendinitis and worried that it will get worse, however I managed to get up and over the mountains in my new "tires" quite nicely. A good investment for sure! Another good investment was the Pineapple Lumps we brought back with us. Have they gone down a treat with the Americans? - Yay one up for little old New Zealand!

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