Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little look at our few days in Paradise

We just loved this place but unfortunately it is a bit of a bother to get to - 5 hours of bumpy, windy roads so it is probably the only time we will venture there. It is actually not too far from the border of Peru.

We are moving again - this time to a apartment with Chad and Michele. They needed to get out of their place as it had a bad mold problem and of course I was desperate to not walk up the hill anymore so it was a good solution to both our problems. The new apartment is very central and this morning when we walked to the group it only took 10 minutes and flat. Very different from having to walk up and over a hill which would have taken about 1/2 and hour. Now I can use my energies where they are supposed to be used.


The Scottys said...

Newsflash! Why do you think Moses was wandering in the wilderness for 40 days?
Cause even back then Men had difficulty following directions!lol

*Truly that was an excellent video nice to see you can all chill out and have some fun.
WOW what a paradise under that Sun.
* Glad to hear you have moved to another place,
Beth haz you thought about putting together a " Spanish Amazing race"
*Anyway off to field service I must go,
Working with a sister visitng from england then coffee the places I will show!!
Have great evening in spanishland amigos!!


Amanda said...

So how long have you been on holiday for now???? Haha jokes we know your working hard most of the time..

Lynne said...

That looks like a lovely place Beth - you were game going on that walk - who knows what creepy crawlies were in that foliage!

catherine said...

I think we saw some of the creepy crawlies. Lovely video Beth but I think Amandas comment is very apt. How long have you been on holiday. What did you go to Ecuador for? just joking enjoy.