Sunday, April 26, 2009

Election Day

Today they are holding elections and because of such the meetings and meetings for field service have been cancelled. All Ecuadorians are required to vote so it is a big deal here. If they don't front up they don't receive the very important documentation saying they have voted. They need to prove they voted in order to conduct any kind of business, get their kids into school etc..Interestingly the sale of alcohol or drinking is prohibited from Friday noon till Monday morning -as Mark found out when he went to buy the necessaries for a Pisco Sour on Friday! Anyways it is nice to have a bit of a loungy day although we did go out to the study with Luz (only to find her not there even though on Thursday she promised she would be -rrrrhhh!).

Hey well I guess it is about time I showed you our new digs - Amanda pointed out it is hilarious that her parents have gone flatting at this stage in life - but it seems to be working out just fine. We really love being here, aside from the fact that we don't have to walk up a huge hill just to to get to our territory etc, Chad and Michele are just like having our kids with us - in fact I am sure Chad is Aarons twin, they are very alike. Way to counteract the empty nest syndrome - just adopt a couple more kids!
Me with a very nice picture of Marks shoe - as you can see we have yet to buy ourselves a bed

Look how lovely and sunny the place is too, it is so much warmer than any place we have lived in here - one drawback though is that is has electric showers so we have to time our morning ablutions so as not to interfere with anyone else - if a toilet is flushed or water turned anywhere then there will be screams! We also have to wash the dishes in cold water - just doesn't feel right to us somehow but something that is done all over South America!

Last night the congregation here in Banos said goodbye to Agenor (the coordinator) and Patricio (secretary) and our very most favorite family - Bernardo and Racquel. They are all going to new congregations and we are very sad to have lost them. Now Doug and Mark are the only 2 ancianos (well Mark is really only 1/2 of one, due to his language impediment) so they are going to be very busy. We had B & R and the kids over for cake after the meeting and enjoyed some time with them - one thing about Ecuadorians though is they seem to think it is rude to leave too early so we didn't get to bed till around 1pm - good job we could sleep in a little this morning. I think some of the young ones are coming over tonight too so it will be another late one. Time for a nap!
Bernado, Racquel, Eric, Shirley and Frank (oh and of course our little family too)


catherine said...

Loved the photos of the house and even the little bowl of white tulips. You all look very happy and I am pleased to hear you are in a much warmer more convenient place. Looking forward to seeing it sometime soon.

The Scottys said...

Your whare looks really cosy and homely.
The chad and michelle would love having you both as house parents!
Wow its like you both have never left ecuador for a few weeks.
You are sounding so at home there beth such a total turn around comapared to this time last year.

Keep up the great blogging!

Morning kinlochers.
And good to see you both back Julie P hope you had a great holiday. xxa

Lynne said...

The flat looks lovely Beth - so sunny. I know what you mean about washing the dishes in cold water - it's the norm here too (but not the norm in this house) - Kiwis, we take hot water for granted!