Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hi everyone - sorry there seems to be a big gap in my reports of late but this week we have been very busy with the Memorial and getting back into routine etc.
Our congregation was assigned to a rented hall this year and it was held at 8pm. There were 341 in attendance and that is over double the usual attendance at the meetings. There were so many people there that were at a meeting for the first time so that was cool to see. Esperanza, the study I handed over to Becky went to the memorial with her husband, which makes me very happy.
This week we have been getting out again in the ministry and that has been great to get back out there regularly again. Yesterday we spent the morning with Mark and Becky and we had an awesome time. Becky started a study with a young mum and even though we were climbing up the mountain again - I enjoyed the time with her immensly. Mark and I find them easy to listen and learn from as they speak spanish with their Texan drawl so it is nice and slow for us. When they took us home, I asked Becky to come in with me to see Nery (our neighbour) and we were there for quite awhile - she is a very interesting and compassionate lady and very interested in the bible. I don't know if I told you this before but she said she has been praying to learn about the bible and feels that God has answered her prayer when she met Mark and me. It's so awesome to be able to share the truth with these people - they are really sighing and crying about the problems in the world - not just because it effects them personally but because they can see there is a bigger picture. I think sometimes in NZ that is the problem, we are so far away from everyone else and of course our country is beautiful so apart from the crime problem and now the economy - there is an attitude of I'm alright Jack. Let`s hope more take the opportunity soon to learn about what is going to happen in the future!
I will post some more pictures and a video about our trip soon - I have to tell you about the "Easy" hike we took and how Mark got a little bit of Butt Burn!!! Hehe!


Lynne said...

Good post Beth - good to know you are settling down again and getting back into routine. Look forward to more posts when you get the internet at home (which is where by the way?)

catherine said...

Good for you to be back doing what you went there to do. Even though we miss you we know you are happy. Cant wait to hear about Marks butt burn. Love you and miss you

The Scottys said...

Time flies and can't believe it I haven't blogged for awhile!
lol Mark's butt burn and you doing what yearn!
Sorry didnt catch up with you both b4 you left,
Look forward to reading more of your bloggs as it gives us such a lift!
xx arohanui