Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rice and Beans

So while I was in NZ I made this dish quite a few times.My sister, Lynne wanted me to put it on the blog and finally I have gotten around to it. I actually learnt how to make the recipe from Lisa because it is more a Southern North American thing with a little bit of Ecuador thrown in. Sure is a filling dish and quite cheap here. While in NZ I had real difficulty finding the beans - obviously beans are not a staple dish there but finally I found a great range at an Indian shop so that is my recommendation if you do want to give them a go. Hope you do cause they really are quite delicious!

By the way if you want the beans spicey - just add some chilli powder to taste!


catherine said...

Wow your new vocation when you give up being a need greater, a cooking school instructor. I also tried them when you were home and yes I will try to cook them

Lynne said...

Move over Jo Seagar! You've got serious easy peasy competition!
Thanks Beth - I think I'll try it without coriander - not one of my fav herbs.

The Scottys said...

UMMM YUMMY looks better than my boil up.
Will def give it a try I love the beans unfortunately it does not aggree with terry.
The dish looks simple and low cost effective.
Thanks for that Beth Holst!
Arohanui xx