Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well usually when you start reading a book - you don´t skip to the end but seeing as that is the most exciting part of our trip, no doubt you are wanting to know how we got on. So the trip was going exceptionally well as we were having the greatest time. We felt we had a glimpse of Jehovah´s promised paradise where we were staying. The only negative about the place was that it is very popular with the backpacking variety of people and you would think they would be health nuts with all their hiking but they all seemed to smoke like chimney´s. Too bad so sad! Anyway on Saturday morning, the day we were due to leave, we came to breakfast and heard the news that there had been a mudslide on the only road out so we would be staying a while longer. Yippee, we can stay a little longer in paradise, I thought, but I came down off that cloud real quick when we also heard that Michele and her Mum-in-law were pretty crook with a bug and that we would also have to find other accomadation for the night!

We did manage to find a place to lay our heads and it was nice but no Izcalyma (the 1st resort). We also thought we were in for a long night as there was no electricity - however that was rectified at around 6pm. As you will see in the video it had started pouring when we took a taxi down into the town - poor Mark was sitting on the back, so he got a little wet, of course he just smiled his way through it. Michele and Judy stumbled into bed, they didn´t really care where they were as long as they could lay flat, and the rest of us took a stroll around the metropolis (ah not!).

We were all geared up to walk over the slip - everyone kitted themselves out with new gumboots from the one shop that carried them - but in the end the van we were in managed to get through - talk about anticlimax eh! It seemed an excruciating long ride home too - I don´t think I would like to live in that place as the roads are terrible (one positive is that they are working on them so by the time Ann and Catherine come to see us - they may be good enough for us to take another visit to paradise).

I am rethinking this no internet in the house thing as when I walked down to the cabinas close to our house yesterday to post - they were not working, so sorry about not letting you know sooner. Hope you weren´t too worried about us!


Lynne said...

Glad you made it out! Looks like you all made the best of things while you were stranded - Mark, have you introduced your mates to rubber band racing yet?

Marcos y Elizabet said...

Hey Lynn - we forgot about that game - you can be sure that will be on the blog soon!

The Kinlocher's said...

I am sure that the blog entry doest really show the reality. Good post - i do hope the roads are repaired for when we come.....whenever that will be.

catherine said...

How exciting What part of Ecuador have you been in? get saving Ann we have to go. Looking forward to the rubber band racing.