Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evelyns Wedding

While all my peeps back home in Tauranga enjoyed their final day at the convention (great eh guys - so are you planning on serving where the need is great now too?) - Michele and I were once again in the kitchen! We are so used to getting up and going there that we couldn't break the habit! Nah just kidding - it was to help out Evelyn -who got married today(she lived with the brother and sister who lent their house out for the remodel and we have become firm friends with her). She had a very simple wedding with copious amounts of fruit - which we sliced, diced and made into amazing creations for her. It was a big change from cooking soup and rice like the other 8 weeks! Anyway it was cool to help out and we have just come back from the reception, having left the kids (Chad, Michele and Aaron) dancing the rest of the night away. I am too exhausted to carry on moving to the grove! Must tell you that so many people get a shock when they see Mark and I dancing - apparently they are used to Gringos who don't like to dance. It is such fun!
We are off on our vacation tomorrow - in search of monkeys for Aaron but after I come back I will try to put together a video of the wedding - things are done a little differently with the bride and groom


The Kinlocher's said...

look forward to seeing the video - is that the bride and the groom?

The Scottys said...

LOL think about it?

Wow love the pictures and fruit display,
it gives great practice for your son wedding day!
We loved the convention the new releases and drama on sunday,
Thanks for the tip on needing tissues for the tears that gave way!
Your self sacrifce in serving where your needed most,
It was strongly mentioned in the talks that we shouldn't coast!
Enjoy your 10 days with Aaron im sure when he goes your going to cry,
Your farewell word to him can be "ALOHA" becuse it means Hello- goodbye-hello you never get to say goodbye!
Keep up the great work amigos,
thinking of you both always.