Friday, August 7, 2009

Last day - maybe

This is the Reis Family from California. They are here spying our the land, so they come by the cocina yesterday to have a quick chat. Scott told me that they had been trying to get some information about Cuenca and keyed in Salon del Reino (KH) on the internet and the search engine found my blog. They have been following our adventures here and say that I have answered lots of their questions, so I am glad my musings have been some help in encouraging them to come here. It was lovely to meet them even though for just a short time before the battle of serving lunch began.
Marisol (the groups boss lady) - trys to fit everything back in the box
Final goodbye photo - note the poor brother on the phone - he's the boss and he is organizing their next build - which starts next week - they really do work hard, these guys!
Here we are - getting a little excited at the thought of not having to cook another meal!
Things are looking decidedly good for our getting back to our real life - the group said their goodbyes this morning and all the kitchen stuff was loaded on to their trucks. Having said that - they are still working in the hall, finishing off this and that, and lunch is being prepared by a few willing sisters (obviously I am not a willing sister, cause I am here blogging). I won't lie - I am glad it is nearly over - the 13, 14 or even 15 hour days have taken their toll on me and I have realized I am not as young as I was or I thought I was - hopefully I will get back my spark when we get out in the field again. Also now poor Aaron will get a little bit of attention from us - sad that we only have 10 days left with him!


Sara aka Jasmine said...

Wow. Look at all the wonderful spiritual family you all made. Glad everything has been going so well for you all. Glad you get to spend some time with your son now. Have fun! Thanks again for blogging so regularly, i sure do enjoy it.

Marisa said...

You made it! Well done. :)