Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Monday - my first real day out after being in the kitchen for so long, showing Aaron the country and then being sick for a week, we stopped by and visited a couple of inactive ones in the congregation. While small talk is not too much of a problem for us, when someone starts telling you their problems, they usually get emotional and start talking very fast. It gets very hard to understand them. Of course you can pick up one or two words and piece things together, to get a general idea but it is still very frustrating. We left one sister and I even made the comment to Mark - what use are we? However we had a reminder last night that we are not doing too bad when one of them made the effort to get back to the meeting and she came and gave me a huge hug. Then the mother of the other young girl came over to me and told me how much they had appreciated us stopping by and could we please come to her house another day soon. She said we encouraged her daughter to make plans to make it to all the convention. She nearly made me cry because I had been so negative about our abilities lately. Usually though when you hit a brick wall with the language, you are about to make another leap forward - so here's hoping.
Thought I would include this photo from last Friday night as I don't post a lot of photos of us together. We were taken out to see the lights of the city by the Ochoa Family - yep you have already met Fernando - who are just the sweetest people. (Sorry the photo of them is a bit blurry). Elvia has brought her children up by herself as her husband left them to go to America - the land where the streets are paved with gold - to make his fortune. It's a familiar tale here in Ecuador and of course a lot of times they never come back to their families - very sad. She has done an excellent job on her own though as the kids are doing very well.


The Scottys said...


*Mark and beth you are doing what you do best,
The caring, loving nature of you two Jehovah does the rest.
*Theres a time to cry, to laugh and speak,
Your very presence is much apprecitated by those who are weak.
*Romans 15:1-2 expresses how we all should be,
Your loving visits meant so much to us three!!
*It gives us great encouragement that you both are doing jehovahs will to the full,
You have no time for complacency in this world full of Bull!(oops)
*Keep up the great work our dear friends,
Armageddon is on the horizon, what a privilige it will be to walk with you to the end!!

Paul & Julie P.
The blessings of jehovah is what makes rich so the scripture says,
Thanks to jehovah he has sent you both our way!
Nana Faith,
You are our special gem in our congregation
With so many lovely facets you give except the walking cane can go to a relation!!!

mominlebanon said...

Beth, Don't you dare get discouraged! Just remember, "A picture (or good example)is worth a thousand words!" Not only are you making a good impression in the community, but we "long-time" pioneers, who can't at the moment share in the foreign field are getting lots of encouragement and a good taste of the foreign field just from your blog. Not to mention how we parents appreciate what you do to help our children to keep exerting themselves. What you and Mark are doing is very impressive! ... and don't forget that!
Bev & Allen (Michele's parents)

Marcos y Elizabet said...

Awh - you guys!!! Thanks for your encouragement everyone!