Monday, August 3, 2009

English Convention

Very happy to have our boy with us!
With our other kids - Chad and Michele
Fellow kiwi - Tony Pratt
Donna - beaming after her baptism.

Sadly Aaron could not be in the Kiwi photo as he was on security -
here he is looking very sad and lonely.
Crazy kiwi's
Aaron takes in the sights as we leave the city. I think he likes the place!

Well we are back safe and sound from the English Convention in Guayaquil. What a wonderful convention - very, very upbuilding. Of course I can't say much because I know a lot of you in New Zealand have not had yours yet but I have put a couple of highlights on the video. Nothing too revealing of the treats in store for you - just an interview they had with Adella, a maori sister serving here from NZ. I missed the first part of it but she had just said she was down to her last $3 and thought she would be swimming home to NZ after being here 11 years. Her thoughts are exactly ours. Then there is a part of the experience Aaron had on the way over - once again I missed the first part (I'm good at that) which said how much can result from wearing your lapel card. Aaron has had an email from the man saying he would like to know more - very cool.
The sister in the photo who has obviously just been baptised is Donna, who last year came to Cuenca for an operation on her neck. She has a brother serving down here and came to live near him. Sadly she had a terrible accident and nearly died but the witnesses looked after her so well that she decided to look into the bible. I was priviledged to go on some of her studies while she was recuperating here and it was a real joy to see she had progressed to baptism. As you can imagine there is not too many that get baptised here (at the english convention) and those that do are usually younger ones of families serving here, so the applause when this sister stood up was thunderous. A buzz for everyone.
I cannot stress enough how upbuilding this particular convention is (the information is awesome and you will love it too, but I am really refering to the needgreaters english convention). We get to meet so many different people and they all have a story to tell about why or how they are here. We finally got to meet Tony Pratt, who many of you will know, and he was great to talk to. The other amazing thing is that all the speakers are incredibly easy to listen to - not that I am saying ours in NZ aren't but these guys are either missioneries, circuit overseers or Bethel brothers so the caliber of their talks is pretty awesome.
After being in the kitchen and construction so long, it really was just what we needed. We have come back with a new zeal - ready and rearing to go again. Sadly we still have a couple of days left of work before we can get out in the field again - but all good things come to those who wait eh?


The Scottys said...

Amor que queridos amigos, Aaron se ve mucho en la casa un gran aliento para nosotros este fin de semana.

Great timing for our convention this weekend!!!

*Happy anniversary Paul and Julie, sorry Im a few days day late!
You know its Maoritime with me lol.

Sara aka Jasmine said...

It sure does look like you all had a good time. yes it definitely was an upbuilding convention. Thank you for the pictures. That video was very good as well..oh and chads face sure was a nice ending to all of that haha. Miss you all!!

The Kinlocher's said...

great report - thanks - look forward to talking with you soon your mother-in-law in waiting.