Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A day out

Oh the relief - we got out of the kitchen for the day (actually, we are out for the next 4 days as well because we are off to the convention tomorrow) - and we made a trip up to the Incan ruins to show Aaron. As you can see - it was freezing up there and so we didn't spend too long looking around. - just enough time to get some cool photos. Fernando came with us too as he deserved a day out as well, he has been working just as hard as us.
Aaron was pleased to finally get up close and personal with some llamas and Michele and I were like kids let out of school early - a fun day, if a little cold!


Sara aka Jasmine said...

Sounds Like you all had a good time being away from the work for a day. I know you will enjoy the convention this weekend. Take in all you can, it sure is a wonderful one. Be safe and have fun!

The Scottys said...

Great to see you all having some fun.
Hope you had an awesome convention it would be a great experience for Aaron.