Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another day dawns and finishes in the kitchen. Wednesday was just a blip for me as I worked 14 and 1/2 hours without my buddy Michele. She has been battling the flu or gripe (grip-pee) as they call it here, and really needed a day to stay home. Actually all went rather smoothly until Big Mumma arrived right on dinner time to get a jump start on the next days preparation. She tends to take up all the available space and so we were having to work around her - not the most unstressful time.
Aaron got to chow down on his first true Ecuadorian meal - complete with chicken feet in the soup - he said it wasn't half bad. He is a happier lad now as he finally got one bag returned to him and a promise of the other one coming soon - of course there was an accident and all his body wash was spread throughout his clothes. I am just glad it was not the bag he had my pineapple lumps in!


Sara aka Jasmine said...

i Love how fast you blog beth!! I just love it. It keeps me up to date with everything there. So thank you very much! Glad aaron got at least some of his clothes..i definitely know how that one goes. Have fun!

Lynne said...

Message to Aaron - Dooners needs you!
Message to Michele - get well soon!
Message to Beth - those pineapple lumps will be extra good once they arrive!

Marisa said...

That meal actually looks really good! Except there's no way I would eat anything with chicken feet in it. ;)