Saturday, July 18, 2009

He's here

Well what a day yesterday - we left Cuenca at around 2 in the afternoon and arrived at Guayaquil bus station not long after 6. I phoned the Brother from the Bed and Breakfast to pick us up but they were off to a meeting and so could not pick us up till after 9 so I suggested that we just wait at the airport until Aarons flight arrived at 12am. It arrived on schedule but when we were still waiting for him at 1.10 am - I was getting very worried as to what was the deal - had he missed his plane or was he lying in a ditch somewhere in Peru? Finally he stepped through the door - but his luggage didn't. Poor guy now has just the clothes he stands up in and his laptop. Hopefully when the bags arrive in Guayaquil they will do what they have promised and send them on to Cuenca.
Anyway when we had worked that out we called Brother Mena to come get us - wouldn't you know it - he didn't answer! 7 missed calls later he finally took our call and we made it to bed around 2.30am - only to have to get up and catch our flight to Cuenca at 7.30. What a mission that was too. Brother Mena slept in and we only just made it to checkin on time. Then the huge line up to get through security meant that we had to run for the plane. We are here now thank goodness and so let the fun begin!

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Marisa said...

Good to hear Aaron arrived safe and sound. What a pain about his luggage, though. Hope you guys are all having fun. Look forward to seeing some photos. xxx