Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally Aaron has his bags returned to him and he is happy to find all in tact. Of course we were happy to have our supplies of Vegemite, Baking Cocoa and Sweet Chilli Sauce replenished too - not to mention the 3 kgs of pineapple lumps (of which we have already consumed 1 kg).
Another week has finished and once again we are just exhausted - but there is a light now at the end of the tunnel. Seems that there is only a week and a half to go and of that we only have 2 or 3 days left to work. We are taking Aaron to visit the Incan ruins on Wednesday and then we are off to Guayaquil for the English Convention - yippee!

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totto said...

hola me gusta mucho tu blog Beth esta de pelos., y se te ve muy feliz ahora que esta aqui Aaron eso es chevere el es muy alto¡¡¡¡ pero es un chevere amigo tambien,, gracias por tu hat Aaron,,, it´s cool,, i love it... thanks