Monday, July 20, 2009

We had an impromptu beinvenidos (welcome) for Aaron last night and of course he had to bust out with a few moves. As you can see in the photo - it sure entertained the ladies!
It was nice to do something other than just going to the kitchen, going to the meeting or going to bed. We felt like we were human again.
Poor Aaron still has not got his lugguge so for 3 days he has been without clothes (and I have been without my pineapple lumps that he promised to bring). He has had to buy a pair of pants and has borrowed shirts off his Dad and Chad. We were pretty amazed that he found trousers long enough here in Ecuador for himself seeing as all the men are approximately half his height! Anyway we have been on the phone most of the morning with no success so we are considering taking a trip down again to Gauyaquil - what a pain that would be if it comes to that!


Sara aka Jasmine said...

Beautiful picture haha. I bet he is providing a good dose of entertainment considering all the hard work everyone has been doing. That was probably good timing for everyone to just relax and have a nice time. Have fun with your son!! Be safe if you have to go back to get his luggage. Miss you all!!

Lynne said...

You might have to go to Peru for the luggage! (Worth the trip for those pineapple lumps!)
I suggest you get an old sheet - tie dye it - and make a lava lava for him. That with a T would see him right.

The Scottys said...

MMM sorry about the pineapple lumps im enjoying mine at the moment!
YEP Aaron is going to break a few hearts when he leaves! With move like that don't break out into the MACARENA!!
Your bag will turn up soon.
Have fun Aaron!
*Julie P Hope you feeling better perhaps I should drop you off a bag of Pineapple lumps!
*Morning kinlochers
Thanks for the awesome morning out in field service on wednesday ANN i totally enjoyed your return visit, you were awesome.