Friday, July 10, 2009

When I'm bored - I blog!

Last day at home and so what better way to fill in the day than by making a film! This is something that Michele and I came up with a while ago - if the boys could be Supermen - then we could be Charlies Angels!
By the way -I love photoshop - you can make your body into everything that you wish for!


The Kinlocher's said...

Yip you are bored - I hope no bananas were ill treated during the filming of this short story! You will have the Banana Police after you......

Sara aka Jasmine said...

Beth that was absolutely an awesome video! I definitely don't mind if you are bored and blog. It's really enjoyable to watch what you can do with videos haha. Seems like you all are doing good though. Thanks for the video, you deserve an award for that one. Take care! Miss You all!

The Scottys said...

*We hope there were no "Banana split" amongst you guys during the filming!
LOL you rock girl LOve the theme you certainly picked this fallen angel up!!

Julie P
Its time to direct another blog aye?
Hows MIXED ANGELs? Thanks for blowing a kiss our way Saturday morning it brought warmth to very cold day!!xx