Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Can you hear the bells, Fernando"

I would like to introduce you to our mate, Fernando, the guy that is changing my mind about the Ecuadorian men with their idea that kitchen work is woman's work. This guy has helped us so much - spending time washing the dishes, cleaning floors, serving meals (with hat and apron on - it's so cute), and generally keeping us smiling. If he is not at the kitchen he is helping in the construction or doing all night guard duty. Of course there are plenty of fellers (that's Kiwi for fellows ) doing very hard work in the construction but because Fernando is the only one that comes to help us - he's definitely our favorite.The other plus is he is attracting all the young sisters to the kitchen so that's why I say - "can you hear the bells, Fernando" - wedding bells - you'll be snapped up fast if you don't watch it.Michele teaches Fernando the serviette shuffle
ps: I had better mention that Chad and Mark have been doing their best to help us too
(wouldn't want to uspet them would I?)


Sara aka Jasmine said...

Haha thanks alot beth. Im glad you girls have a man with you now to bring some joy.. Make him work hard..haha. Hope you all are doing well..hang in there! Wish i could be there. Not too long left right?? Miss you all!

kambelina said...

Well you better tell Fernando to keep focused on his work and not be batting his eyes! Miss you lots!

The Kinlocher's said...

Nice to see nice.......Mum has a message for Fernando "Hello I am single".....I will be ninety next year and I have wealth of experience. You sound a real catch. I don't look my age (my cheeky son in law says I look 20 years older!)Now where is my walking stick and I will give him a wack! Do you speak English"

The Kinlocher's said...

Message from Graeme - Does he expect me to call him DAD?

The Scottys said...

*Faith don't worry about fernando speaking english, enough wacks with your walking stick he will soon speak plenty of english!!

*Ann & Graeme (chorus line to fernando)
There was something in the air that night the stars were bright Fernando.
They were shining there for you and Mum in kiwiland fernando.
Though we never knew that faith would sigh, at the sight of this guy!
If she had to do it all again im sure she would fernando!

Loved the blog do you think fernando could come back to kiwiland with Aaron?
Of course after Aaron has to fight of the lovely spanish sisters in ecuador!
*Julie P
Good morning I know you are singing the chorus line of Fernando!
enjoy ya day.