Friday, July 24, 2009

The measure of a man

Aaron went to the tailor yesterday to get measured up for a new suit (just in case his other one doesn't ever turn up) and it gave the guy such a laugh. I don't think the chap had seen anyone like it before. As you can see Aaron is nearly double the size of the average Ecuadorian (astually he's nearly double the size of the average New Zealander too) so we shall see what sort of suit turns up - it could be that the length of the trousers only goes to his knees!


Marisa said...

Haha! The tailor can barely reach high enough to measure Aaron's back! Glad to hear the bag finally turned up - mmmmm, Pineapple Lumps... Enjoy. xxx

The Planning Manning's said...

Hey Aunty Beth, Blaine's interested in the new suit idea. He wanted me to find out the details from you about it. I'll talk to you about it when we are on skype next.