Thursday, July 16, 2009

One day to go

Another week is flying by and it is only one day till we go to Guayaquil and meet Aaron. As we speak he is in the air - he has a horrendous flight, 1st to Buenos Aires - then up to Lima - another flight to Bogota, Columbia and then back down to Ecuador arriving at 12 am Friday night our time - I think he might be a bit shell shocked when he gets off that final plane. Poor guy!
I suppose I should explain to those that don't know us personally that Aaron is our oldest son. Even though it has only been since February that we've seen him, it feels like a lot longer and I do miss my kids so much. That is the hardest part about being here - not having our kids with us. Of course they have their own lives now and don't need us but I sure need them! So I am very excited to have one of them here with us.
The kitchen this week seems to be fairly calm and there have been no upsets. I cannot wait till the build is over though cause these 12 -13 hour days are wearing me down. We leave the house when it is dark and return when it is dark - such fun.
On Monday though, my day off, I was asked by a new sister to help her with her first talk. That is an unspoken rule here that the assigned householder helps the less experienced prepare her talk. I got to her house (a tiny one room shack) and we sat down to go over the material. I soon realized that I was actually required to write the talk. I kept saying - how would you say this etc but she still wanted it word for word. Now you can only imagine what someone with limited spanish would write and how it would sound - I do hope she gets someone else to proof read it. It was actually nice though - being able to share a bit of my 42 years theocratic school experience.
Anyway it is now nearly 6 am and I have to get to the cocina. Michele is finally taking a few hours off and we are just hoping I don't have to ring her to say nobody has arrived so HELP!


Aaron said...

Im already shell shocked. 4 hour delay in auckland - and 2 delay in argentina..... :( I hate waiting!

kambelina said...

hey there, it's been a while but I just got to a computer that has internet. I wish i could be there to help you so badly and be the third angel (charlie's that is) anywho...enjoy your time with Aaron.

The Scottys said...

Aaron make the most of your 4 hours in Auckland and eat at many places at the airport.
The food maybe more shell shock for you over there?lol
Have a safe trip amigos and give your mum and dad a big hug from us!!