Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who is this masked man?

Mark seems to always find a niche for himself - the guys soon learned he knew what he was doing with a spray gun - well I think he knows what he is doing although you will be wondering if any paint made it on to where it was supposed to be going!

These are the trusses that Mark is painting - unfortunately they did not get painted while they were on the ground so he is having to paint them from on high - hence the face cannot help but get covered! By the way notice there is no hi-ab lifting the things up - it's all manual labour here!

1 comment:

The Scottys said...

Thanks for the glimpse, we now know what Mark is going to look at the age of 45!
We are so spoilt with our equipment at the qucikly built, Whakatane has their quick built this weekend!
Keep up the great work team!