Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grime Busters!

Today all the meetings and service were canceled in all congregations so that we could all go and help with cleaning the stadium in preparation for the convention next weekend. Even though it was a gloomy day - plenty of people turned up and everyone did a good job. If I had 10 cents for all the chewing gum I scrapped off - we would be able to stay here for another year! As my family know - I hate chewing gum! (I think that stems from my older brothers and sisters teasing me by saying when I was very little - I would pick up used gum and eat it - the thought of that, so scarred me that now I can't even stand the smell of the stuff!). The stadium was awfully dirty and even though we scrubbed and scraped - it didn't sparkle - I suppose though it was alot better than when we started. Next weekend it will be filled with about 12,000 excited and happy Testigos de Jehova - yay! Anyway after a mornings work we headed off to lunch with the gang of gringo's and totally ruined our diet! Oh well - another day tomorrow!
For you kiwi's back home - I thought you might enjoy the spelling of this icecream dish...


Sara aka Jasmine said...

Wow looks like fun! You did a good work beth, im glad the gum didnt scare you away too much. Next weekend should be so much fun. Please take pictures, i would love to see what it all looks like filled up with that many brothers and sisters. Take Care of Yourselves!

Lynne said...

That's probbaly the only time in the year that the stadium gets cleaned!
I know you worked hard but I cannot believe you ate that icecream sundae! Shame on you - back to the dance studio!

Marcos y Elizabet said...

You big meanie Lynne!!! It was ok because we had a farewell to attend on Sunday night too and that means non stop dancing for 3 hours - I think I worked it off!
By the way the icecream was delicious and worth every sinful point!