Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am so happy

Ann and Rebecca
Just checked my emails (remember we are in the jungle at the moment) but I had to share this with you. In New Zealand it is not always easy to get and maintain a study so I was priviledged to conduct one with Rebecca. It took a while but here she is on her baptism day with my sister Ann. Made me cry to think I was not there with her on her special day but I am so pleased to see that she has decided to dedicate her life to Jehovah. Way to go Rebecca and congratulations from me a Mark - have I got a big hug for you when we get home.
Just a quick update on our vacation. We had fun visiting a monkey sanctuary yesterday (no Chad and Michele I couldn´t leave Aaron and Mark there - the keepers just wouldn´t believe me that they were monkeys dressed up in clothes) and today we have been out in service. Great territory here - placed 10 mags and used the bible heaps. The girl I was with started a study so that was cool. It is way too hot though and I am looking forward to being back in Cuenca soon.


Amanda said...

congratulations Rebecca!

The Kinlocher's said...

nice - go Rebecca.

The Haines Family said...

Congratulations Beth, you must be very happy to have had a roll to play in Rebbecca's baptism!
We are looking forward to having you back and hearing all your stories about your vacation.

The Scottys said...

Rebecca is so happy too!!
Thank you Beth for all your kindness, love and paitence you had in helping rebecca progress.
No doubt you will be planting seeds in ecuador!
Keep up the great work Amigos look forward to reading more of your blogs