Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chilling in Chile

Hey just to let everybody know on both sides of the pacific that we are fine and well. We are in a nice hotel in Santiago and we had a good sleep. Just going to breakfast so this has to be quick but I have to tell you about when we were coming through the security at NZ. Of course our carryone bags are way over weight and they weighed them. Well after some to do we we going to have to check one bag but rearrange the others which we did in front of the lady. She saw our books and said are you what they say you are. She is a sister from the samoan congo and said that she would not dear make us pay for Jehovahs books. Very cool eh.

So at the Chilean airport we had a little bit of confusion: we had to pick up vouchers for the hotel so stood in line  but then someone from Lan came and took us after about a half hour wait. We had to go through immigration so he told us to meet him on the other side. Well of course by that time another plane had arrived so we had another long wait. When we finally got to the counter the woman asked us why we were there so late as our plane had arrived a long time ago! I wanted to say to her that they really should have more than one person processing a plane load of people! Anyway we get out the door and are accosted by hundreds of taxi drivers. We couldn´t find our guy so we were a bit concerned they had left without us. These two taxi guys spoke a little english so they were trying to get us to go with them. They were being very helpful but when we finally found  a Lan office they wanted payemtn for their help. I didn´t have anything much and  as we are not from a nation of tippers, I wasn´t willing to give up my precious Pesos to them. We never asked for their help so I don´t feel so bad. We finally arrived at our hotel and after a quick dinner - crashed for the night.

Anyway we need to get going to the airport again - so hasta luego!

Ruben if you read this - I am so sorry we didnot have time to contact you.


Aaron said...

I told you to wear your convention badges..... where were they???? It would have saved you taking out all the books!

altiro said...

i read it

Lynne said...

Glad to know you have arrived safely - travel is sooooo frustrating! Look forward to hearing how you are all settled in back in Cuenca.

The Kinlocher's said...

Thanks for the posting - we have been wondering what was going on - look forward to hearing more when you get back to Cuenca.

The Crazy's said...

Great to hear you are safe, I know what it feels like in a bed after a long flight, sorry we missed talking to say goodbye xx