Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday night and all is well

We have been very busy the last few days and now it's Friday night and we are exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow though we will be able to get back out in service - it seems a long time since I have been witnessing.
 Have caught up with a few of the friends but tomorrow is our meeting so we will no doubt be "spanished-out" by the end of the day. I forgot how difficult it is to be immersed in the language but thankfully I think my brain has had a good long rest and will be able to get back quickly to where we were before we left. Hey I even had a go at chinese today - well actually I just said my name was Mrs James to a chinese lady in a shop but she understood me (or maybe she just pretended). 
Chad and Michele are out at their meeting - some of you may not know they are now going to a Quichan (native language) congregation. Amanda is going to meet with her Chinese group tomorrow for service and she has her meeting Saturday night like us. Aren't we a multi-lingual household - Chinese, Quichan, Spanish, English and Kiwi - fantastic stuff!
I  should have some new photos soon - we are going with the congregation somewhere on Sunday by bus. They are having an all day breakup party for the congo (it is splitting very soon) and word is they are combining it with our welcome back. Should be fun - but I better get some sleep to be ready for it.


Carol :) said...

Yep, not like your last welcome party that you missed huh Beth??? Have fun. Miss you already by the way. Someone mentioned Breakers today-what a lovely night that was with you and Mark. Thanks again and for the seeds that are going to grow into beautiful flowers to remind me of you guys. Sorry to be so soppy. xx

Elizabeth (soon to be) in Ecuador said...

Exactly Carol - we would be in such trouble if we didn't go!

PS - I hope the flowers do grow - I expect a photo!