Monday, July 19, 2010

Fiesta de Bienvenida y Despedida

Miss Piggy makes her way to the Picnic

Bus ride - those at the back stood all the way there, including Amanda and Mark

Mark surveys the beautiful countryside

Anna took a shine to Amanda

Amanda makes friends with some of the local sisters
Of course I had to get them to do a crazy shot
Ok well where should I start regarding the picnic? I have to say when they get organized - they get organized!What an amazing job they did getting the whole congregation transported, fed and entertained!
Amanda in the food queue

Long long windy road on which we walked (why?-I do not know)

The walk took it out of Mark

Mateo and friend - chow down

mmm - Miss Piggy was delicious
We were told to be at leaving point by 8a.m which of course we were but the bus didn't actually leave until quarter to nine - understandable with the amount of people involved. There was the bus - 2 smaller vans and then umpteen dozen cars. The trip was about 2 hours long, stunning countryside, then we had to find the place (which only took about 3 stops) .Then after a bit of milling around we were served with lunch - pork, rice, potatoes, mote (old corn), and masses of salad - oh that pork is sooooo good! After dancing the afternoon away (a video is attached of Amanda's induction to the much  loved  "Moscow" song) we were then served up the next delicacy - sorry to say it wasn't my cup of tea at all.
       Now doesn't this look delicious? Vegetarian sausages made with Miss Piggy's intestines!                                                             

After a lovely day - we then piled into the bus to come home - not quite sure how the 2 hour trip became a 4 hour trip but we did make it home finally at 9.30 albeit very very tired and grumpy. Mark had a 6 year old fall asleep on him, me an 8 year old and poor Amanda an 11 year old! Definitely not easy holding a sleeping child while going round those scary corners! Anyway as I say it was nice to be with all the lovely brothers and sisters again - I am pretty much hugged up from all the hello's - even the lady at the laundromat was happy to see us and gave us the biggest welcome! It's so good to be back!


pacemanstl said...

sounds like a lot of fun. But the piggy intestines.....
Yikes. Getting ready to head south in 6 days.
Keeping track of you all is fun via the Blog
Tom & Elaine

Aaron said...

ahh the moscow song.... how i miss it

Daniel said...

I don't know the Moscow song - am I missing out?

Just wanted to say I'm really glad you made it back to your assignment, and well done Amanda for taking up a new challenge.

I'm very encouraged to see how Jehovah has blessed you by granting your wish to serve him in Ecuador.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hey Daniel - thanks so much and personally I don't think you are missing out on the moscow song.
I take my hat off to Amanda too - she is having to deal with spanish as well as chinese - good job she has a much younger brain than us!
Say hi to the family for us!

Carol :) said...

Thanks for the photos and letting us join in on seeing your congregation picnic etc. Amanda you look right at home sweetie. So pleased you are there with your mum and dad.

The Kinlocher's said...

was that the whole congo on the bus?

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Ann: No - that was quite a few of them but there were also 2 minivans and lots of other cars full of people!