Monday, July 5, 2010

Par-tay with Pioneer type People

We were treated to a lovely night with those who we have gotten to know so much more over the last seven months. I made them a cake (if you can't read it - it says "the harvest is great and the workers are .... pretty great too) to show our appreciation of their support. They are a lovely bunch and it is not hard to see they are having a lot of fun in what they do. So much interest now here in Tauranga - everyone is having great experiences in the field. It has been lovely seeing that happen here in our home town.

So long you crazy lot - keep up the good work!


Tom said...

Hi, we are in the states, thinking of moving to ecuador, cuenca maybe. Trying to find about KH, are there any english cong? and how do you find an apartment to rent? your experience I briefly read and wanted to see if anyone could tell me if Cuenca could use 2 more JWs who want to retire early on a pension that doesn't allow us to here in Missouri. Combine that with a 32 yr break from pioneering to try to serve where there might be a need, and that we can afford.
Bro. Tom

Elizabeth (soon to be) in Ecuador said...

Bro Tom - you betcha there is room for 2 more. We would love to fill you in - email us sometime!

Saludos Beth and Mark

Tom said...

Thanks for responding, this is so new to us we are not sure of all the steps to take. my email is:

We have a week vacation end of July. we were thinking of flying down, and checking out Cuenca, or other similar temperature cities. Cuenca looked good temp wise, and big enough to have the health services, and hopefully cong. so we could feel safe & have good healthy food available.
I didn't see your email address, so if you want email me,