Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning

1st time for Amanda and I preaching together in our territory

Amanda looks back at some of the hills we climbed
This morning just Amanda and I went out - she didn't have Chinese witnessing today so I got to have her company  We were up in the hills and my lungs are still not used to the altitude so had to come home a little early because I was feeling really dizzy. We didn't get to talk to many people - the first 20 houses were part of an apartment block and we had to use the intercom - pretty hard to get people to come down to the gate and even the ones that said they would, didn't show! We talked to a couple of Senoras  who were more interested in finding out where we were from but at least we were able to converse with them ( a year ago I would have floundered a lot more - progress!)


Carol :) said...

What an amazing privilege for you my friend, being out in the field serving where the need is great in another language with your daughter. something that is in all our dreams and you are living yours!!! Go girls :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, we recently received info from the Branch in support of our request for the 12-VII visa. We are in search of a place to rent while in Ecuador. Any suggestions? Please email us- thanks!!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Anonymous - would love to email you but you will have to include your address for me to do that.
Happy to help or answer any questions.

RYAN said...

Hello guys, we are still in Australia, been here for a week now but haven't done much because Lizi got tonsillitis unfortunatly, but shes ok now, great to see you guys are having a great time over there. love you all

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hey Ryan - hope you too are having fun now that Lizi is better. Thanks for the update- don't forget to send us some pics!
Love Mum