Sunday, October 5, 2008

Marks 1st Talk in Ecuador-now he just has to do 1 in spanish!

Well he did his stuff today and didn't do too bad at all., although I could tell he wasn't quite as relaxed as he is back home. The chairman acknowledged that everyone enjoyed his NZ accent - some of the audience though probably didn't understand it and I am talking about the English speaking brothers! It was nice a few from our congo turned up, I am glad they could see Mark could put two words together without long pauses, even if they didn't know what he was saying.!

It was hard to get away from the hall cause everyone so enjoys speaking in English but finally we arrived at the nice french restaurant we had eaten at the other day. I think the crowd overwhelmed them though and we waited a long time for lunch. It was fine though, we loved being with everyone. Just what I needed in fact, I have to admit to being a little homesick these last few days. It will pass though as soon as the new week starts and we get too tired to even think!


The Scottys said...

Been wandering how Mark's talk went the other day!
Wow a great crowd at the hall to listen to what Mark had to say!!
*Your lethal caught that brother who was sleeping,lol
With that camera around the hall you were creeping!
*Mark sounded choice and has that Charisma who can resist it,
A great following for lunch yummy I wouldn't mind a Bit!
*Can see you are part of one big happy family over there,
Sorz your a little homesick and we do miss you here!
*But it is the both of you who have made the family what it is too!
The blessings of jehovah he has given and is certainly looking after you!
*Beth keep your pretty head up high
and keep these bloggs are coming,
In no time you will be home with us girls having coffee and muffins!!
BETH: one of the sister in the photo looked like Michelle Kean?

Ann: You are so funny :"A pinted floor, sounds to me someone had a PINT after the meeting!!lol

Julie P: Thanks for da gentle push on sunday I will go ahead in November.

The Kinlocher's said...

I agree with you alice - I thought that looked like Michelle Keane too

you must have read my message before I deleted it coz as you can see I redid it.

anyway i am tired so off to bed early tonight - take care everyone

Lynne said...

Well done Mark!

Mark and Beth said...

Yep - we thought she looked just like Michelle too. I wondered if anyone else would notice!

Rebecca McCleskey said...

We actually did understand the "Kiwi" accent and must say he did a fantastic job! Good work Mark. Now you have to get down to work and give a Spanish talk...No more putting it off. You can do it! And we will be there to support you with all our rotten vegetables in hand. :)

The Kinlocher's said...

Mark I am sure that when you give a talk in Spanish the bros would still clap at the end.

catherine said...

Well done Mark. Hang in there Beth with your homesickness it is very hard. You will be home soon for your visit and you will probably be homesick for your "home and family" in