Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They came bearing gifts!

I know I have been very quiet on the blogging front of late but here is the reason...
I have been too busy stuffing my face with VEGEMITE!

Of course all my NZ readers will recognize Maria who has been here serving since January. The other chica is her room mate, Bernice from England. They both leave the country on Friday so they have been doing a little tour of the country before they go. We were privileged to have their company for the final few days. Both girls are an inspiration and have encouraged us greatly. We will miss them so much - of course they haven't lived that close to us but it has been nice to know they are in the country and to be able to text them every so often.


catherine said...

Hope you enjoyed the vegemite

Lynne said...

Just need the Vogel toast .... (craving) xxx

The Scottys said...

*Love the tour of ecuador in your last blogg,
A culture shock and those dear women working like a hogg!!
*Great choice of music the words said it all, the tune i kept a humming was sending me up the WALL!
*NOW that's a real KEANE girl we cant mistake that smile,
*Sorz they are leaving on friday but you will see her in awhile!
*Good old vegemite a touch of home and a gr8 taste,
I can imagine that you will not let any go to waste!
*Love the new profile photo on your front page,
You both look awesome can see you haven't aged!!
Keep up the great work Gringos!
Arohanui xx

Ann:Hope you both have a great holiday.
And thanks for giving those single beds away!!
But I was thinking it will solve your bedding issue when you and your sis go to Ecuador one DAY!!lol

altiro said...

I went to NZ, but I never heard about VEGEMITE. :S
Maria and Bernice, they are good girls.
Great blog! keep going.