Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great Day all round!

Walking to Needgreaters Anonymous Lunch
what a bunch!
What a neat day we had today. First of all Lisa and I worked together in the morning and we had a fine old time. We went to one of my calls, who I had placed the BT book with and he had an interesting question. He firmly believes in Hell Fire and Lisa was able to show him some scriptures to refute that idea. It amazed me because I don't think I have had that same conversation for years. He went and got his own bible and it was obvious that young man really loves his bible so it was wonderful seeing him really thinking about the scriptures Lisa showed him. Of course I pretty much stood there like a dummy cause - it's a hard enough question to get round in english let alone spanish! He is happy for us to go back and talk some more so that is cool!
Then we headed over to another one of my calls - this is the second time back to her for me and like last time she went into her shack and brought out a stool for us to sit on and we went through a couple of parragraphs - awesome! Poor lady though is from Peru and has had to leave her 3 young children back there, very sad. Makes you wonder about conditions there if they are willing to immigrate here.
As the pictures show - it was another Needgreaters Anonymous meeting in town so the Willis' came with us and joined an already large crowd at the restaurant. It was interesting meeting an older sister from Germany who is a missionary. I didn't quite get the full story (too excited talking in english) but I think she has just returned to Ecuador after being sick.
After Lunch, Mark had to take the group at 3pm so we didn't have a lot of time with everyone - there is always next week though and lunch at that place only costs $2.90 so I think we will be there again.

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The Scottys said...

WOW lunch for $2.90 what a real great bargain,
Cheaper than mcdonalds too good to be true hope nothing else was added IN!!lol
*Love the photo of you guys walking to lunch,
WAy to go by the time you get to eat you are ready to munch!
*Great to hear Mark is doing one of the things he knows best,
Taking 3 groups the guy just never rest!!
*What a privilige to be eating lunch with a missionary what a spiritual lift!
The full story you did not get maybe side effects from the banana
*Keep the experiences, photos and viedos coming is what we look forward to all the time!
What a great privilege it is to belong to Jehovahs organization must be off to becks or I'll get slimed!!