Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who would have thought...

Mark gave his first talk in espanol last night. It was the number 4 talk and he was assigned to the 3rd school. Funnily enough he didn't know he had it until Monday so it was a scramble to get it together and practiced (apparently no one thought it would be important for him to know). Doug kindly went through what Mark put together and changed everything around so that the audience would understand it - so thankfully he was able to do that for Mark. Excuse the sound quality of the short clip I did for you - the back school is not insulated very well and so you hear the front school very well, if not better than the speaker you want to listen to. Anyway Mark did very well - I hope they give him some more soon, it is a good learning tool.
By the way we got a nice letter at the meeting too last night - we officially have pioneer numbers - wahoo, bring it on!


The Scottys said...

*What an awesome way to start our day,
Seeing Mark's talk on the video we eagerly played.
*Supremo nuestro estimado amigo, We too are so proud of Mark,
What a natural in such short notice he met the task!
*Great news to see you have recieved your letter.,
Your life in spanishland is so much better!
*A large door of ACTICVITY has opened for the both you,
many rich blessings that jah adds no pain with it says provbs 10:22.
Keep up the awesome work

ps: Su nuestro 20 que casa el aniversario hoy YAHOO!!

Mark and Beth said...

Well done happy anniversary to you both.May the next 200000000000000000
years go well too!

Lynne said...

We are proud of him too! Well done Mark! xxx

Marisa said...

Well done! :)

Miss Amanda Fabulous said...

That can't be my father? He's a local right?

Mark and Beth said...

He he ha ha Miss Amanda Fab. He wishes!

The Milroys said...

Well done Mark! You sounded as if you've been speaking the language for years. What a long way you both have come and not without a lot of hard work and blessings from Jehovah.