Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sad News @ The Meeting Tonight

Tonight it was announced that this little girl, Joanna, has just been diagnosed with Leukemia! We are very sad as she is one of the kids that takes an interest in us and always talks to me at the meetings. The brothers asked for contributions towards her treatment because she needs chemotherapy every other day and each session costs $300. A small fortune for this family or probably 90% of the people here. Oh how we wish we were millionaires!

I had a thought in the night that maybe some of you in Kiwiland might like to donate something to our little sisters treatment. If so there are ways and means - just let me know. Plenty of people around the country have our email address or you could get in touch with anyone in the Bethlehem Congo. It would be awesome to let Joanna's parents know they have friends all the way over in NZ and they are thinking of them too.


The Scottys said...

*So so sorry about your sad news,
our hearts go out to the darling girl, family and you's!
*You may not be millionaire's but in Jehovahs eyes you are spiritually rich,
who knows there are ones that maybe able to help out across the ditch!!
*Our love, prayers and thoughts are with you all in spanishland,
I am sure the warm christain love of our bother & sisters will give a helping hand.

Lynne said...

How sad. How long will the treatment be (ie how many sessions)? Poor little mite. xxx