Monday, February 14, 2011

Chao to the Haines Family

This  little girl is Drew - you may remember her from a previous blog way back. She's looking so sad because she was having to say goodbye to the congo last night as she and her family are moving to Santa Isobel (I am sure you remember that place - we had a day out there when the British were here).

Anyway last night we held a little farewell for them after our meeting. It was a bit rushed  (Dena and Bryan have only had a week knowing that they are leaving and will be gone by the end of this week) but it had to be done - to leave without a proper sendoff is something that seems to be offensive to the folks here. So when the Haines family were able to fit in a little supper in their honour - everyone was satisfied, even if it was without mad amounts of dancing as farewells here normally are.
We are quite jealous of their move - we just love Santa Isabel - it is gorgeous down there. We hope it is everything they want it to be too.

And as a sidenote - this is Bryan's parents, Dave and Linda visiting from Nova Scotia - it's been nice having them here for a few weeks too.

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Maureen and Lloyd said...

so glad the Haines family were able to get to be with their family, and thier family would love to have them stay, however we are all one big family and greet the Haines from down under New Zealand