Friday, February 25, 2011

Similar to trying to explain your problem in another language
In the pursuit of a better behaving back - I took the advice of a sister in Amanda's congo and went to see and acupuncterist today - what an experience and not one I really want to repeat but if it helps I guess I will go back. I have to admit - I cried - but it was really quick so I shouldn't be such a big baby! When the needles went down my throat (he doesn't just treat one problem, but everything that is wrong with you and he tells me I have an allergy problem) - I was beside myself. Side note to those that might be worried about the state of the needles - the place is very very clean so no worries there. I guess if it works - it is worth it and supposedly I will only need one more appointment - so vamos a ver!

Amanda too is not feeling the best, she had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so is lying low. She wants to be all better in 2 weeks times because she has some exciting news. She is going to New York!!! I am so jealous. Damaris has a Gilead Graduation invitation and can take a friend, so she kindly asked Amanda to go with her - how cool is that? They get to stay at Brooklyn for 3 days and then later are going to Ohio for a couple of weeks before returning to NY for a chinese assembly. She's only allowed to go with the proviso that she takes lots of photos and videos. It's such a privilege for a little kiwi girl to have and as I now live vicariously through her I am very happy for her.


Anonymous said...

Petra here. I just want to say thank you for the info about the earthquake. We have seen it on the news and have been thinking about our brothers and sisters there. We pray for them. I hope your back will get better. Take care!

AJ and Jordanne said...

We are going to take wonderful care of your girl while she's here in Ohio!!! We can't wait to see her (and Damaris)!!! :-D

Hope those needles give you some relief!! Cuidate!

elizabeth1 said...

you are braver than I am but hope it works glad to see that other bro and sisters are going to look after our grandaughter thank you. The ongoing afteraffects of the disaster is just slowly sinking in but great help and extra brave people seem to be everywhere, how disasters bring out the best in most citizens but sadly not all.We look forward to the time when the earth is free of disturbance