Sunday, February 20, 2011

We can't help it - it's wedding season.

I know - here we are at another party - but it was a special occasion after all! Mario and Andrea were both in our first congregation here but are now with Chad and Michele in the Kichwa Congo. It was a real privilege to be invited to their wedding and it was a good excuse to be party-ing again.
The civil part of the ceremony is conducted first. Usually the bride and groom opt to do this earlier on in the week (at a cost of $15) but for an extra $100 you can have the judge come to the ceremony and do the legal stuff then and there.
Doug Willis then got up and gave them a Scriptual Talk

A nice idea they do here sometimes is everyone was called up to have a photo taken with the happy couple - nice for them to remember later who was at the wedding. This is part of the Kichwa Congregation.

We had our turn with Britany and Megan (Canadian Chica's)
These little Kichwa girls just fascinated me - so cute!


Aaron said...

Where is Amanda?

Aaron said...
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Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

She was in Loja - chinese witnessing.

tepunajames said...

what a neat wedding they look like a lovely couple, you must have enjoyed the day.