Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is what Ecuador could do to you....

The first party we went to, Peneti was super shy.... Im not even sure he danced!

But after 6 weeks in Ecuador, this video is the result. He is the one talking at the start of the video, and then.....

I really wish I had more dancing footage to put together video for the entire song!


Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Yeah Go Peneti, Go! - or should it be Come Back Peneti, Come Back!

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
Petra here. Thank you for comment my last comment. I went very happy when I saw this little movie. Me and my husband likes to dance very much. My sister-in-law serves in a Latin congregation Sweden (right now she is in Bolivia) and they dance a lot. When me and my husband have the money and a better health, we would like to visit South America. But its not ONLY for the dancing of course. The preaching work sounds very interesting...and we guess there are more hours of sun than in Sweden. But today the sun was shining for the first time in many weeks. Great! Be well and take care. From Petra.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hola Petra
If you love dancing - South America is definately the place to come to. It's so much fun!
And the preaching work of course is a lot of fun too!
Hope we see you here soon!