Sunday, February 6, 2011

more new friends

Angelita & Raul and their Son William and friend Concepcion
James, Flavio and Neudy
Last night we had the priviledge of meeting these folks. Flavio & Neudy with their son James come from Florida (USA) and they are here spying out the land. They actually found my blog in their search for information from Ecuador - particularly Sucua, one of the place Amanda has visited and written about here. So they got in touch with us and when they said they would be in Cuenca, we jumped at the chance of having them over for dinner. They brought with them Raul and Angelita (special pioneers from Sucua and their son William - a regular pioneer and also the lovely Concepcion - who serves in the Kichwa group in Sucua). Well what and interesting bunch - it was absolutely awesome getting to know them but to be honest it felt like we had been friends for years - it was just so comfortable with them all.
Raul and Angelita and William have been learning Shuar - another indigenous language, which is from the Orient (or as we would call it - the Jungle). There has been a big push for people to learn this language to help out in this field. (I have enough to contend with learning spanish - if any of you are going to suggest we take it up).

It was such a nice night and we enjoyed it immensly - once again I have to say how much I appreciate the joy we have of meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories.


Aaron said...

Did they say much about how they learn it? or how difficult it was?

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Any new language is not a walk in the park to learn, Aaron but you know you gotta try. They have a Accelerated Language Course starting soonish (I forgot when) but also at the moment they have a tutor. It's not only the language with Shaur to learn - big culture issues as well.

The Kinlocher's said...

very interesting