Thursday, February 17, 2011

I received an email from a friend the other day who made this comment: "I get the feeling from your blog all you do is PARTY!!!!!!".
Let me assure you all that this really is not the case, however much it looks that way. The rest of my household is extremely busy - Mark is always in his office sorting something out for the congo when he is not witnessing, Chad is either working (by way of the Internet) or studying with someone and Michele and Amanda are in and out of the house all day going here and there with their respective language groups.
As I have been under house arrest with my stupid back, I tend to take all day to do nothing much except think.
I've been wanting to write another blg - one that I can throw some advertisments on and maybe make a little bit of dosh on the side (needgreating does give your bank account a bit of a beating - not that I am complaining mind you, just stating a fact). Until now my mind has been blank as to what to write about, me not really being very good at anything. Then it came to me - Parties! I love parties and I love organizing parties and seeing folks have a good time.
So I have created another blog - PAR-TAY BEFORE PAY DAY - exploring entertaining on the cheap.
If you get a moment, can you take a look at it and any feedback is most welcome (I can take critiscism too, but just a little bit).

Thank you in advance for clicking here:

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Carol :) said...

No criticism chica, you are awesome as usual. Man we miss you and your "do's". One day I may not be so busy and may put something on???
Girls are doing a great job of organizing our 35th wedd anniversary at the Mount Fishing Club. Must have been reading your blog :)