Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in the saddle!

I'm getting back into being out in service and it is so nice to be back. Although I can't really do too much just working on getting around all my calls. This morning I was able to catch up with a study that I had last year - a young girl in a stationery shop, she was happy to see me and went to get her book with a smile on her face. That she knew where it was after all this time was pleasing to me. Often I take an extra book with me just to give the householder because even when you have placed something with them, they usually never have it when you go back - sometimes they have given it away - of course that is not a problem to us is it?

Must tell you about my study, Belen, she is a 17 years old and I study with her in English as she is learning it at school. She is very good at english but sometimes to explain more, we have to revert to spanish. It's quite hilarious slipping in and out of the two languages. Anyway Belen asks some very interesting questions and she keeps me on my toes. One hang up that she has though - she doesn't like wearing skirts and can't understand why I am always in a skirt! Never had that one before!

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Damaris said...

So glad to see you back to you out and about in the ministry again! So encouraging :) See ya Sat!