Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well seeing as everyone else has flown the coop - we reckon we can too. Tomorrow we are going to take a little trip into the Jungle part of Ecuador. We have been offered a spot with a Brother and his daughter to join them on their tour, which is just awesome. We get to go in a comfortable tourist busetta so my back should behave itself. Hopefully I will have something cool to blog about when we get back as we will be visiting a Shuar village at some point (it is very hard to find new and exciting stuff to share with you and I fear my blog is getting too boring to read).
Anyway hasta luego mis amigos - see you next week!

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Maureen and Lloyd said...

hi say hi to the jungle for us what a neat experience as you will see trees you have never seen before, take in the the sights and smells they will stay with you forever