Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Neighborhood watch!

I have seen many signs like this one posted about lately. It basically says that This Neighborhood is not responsible for what might happen if you , Mr Robber, are caught in your misdeeds. 
And they are not joking! If a robber is caught - we have heard of cases of them being doused with petrol and set on fire (this happened not far from us last year and the guy died) - you would think that it would make a robber think very hard before trying it on but it doesn't seem to affect them in anyway. We really are careful when we are out and about because unfortunately opportunist crimes are on the increase here in Cuenca. Of course, is that any different from other parts of the world? I think not!

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scott and annette said...

Soon the new system where we will not worry about things like that anymore. Anyway as always enjoying your blogs.
Glad to hear Amanda, that you had a nice vacation, I bet your family is glad to have you back.
Maybe we will travel your direction someday soon.