Saturday, March 5, 2011

Damaris is leaving - boo hoo!

But she's only going for a few months - just enough to earn some money, then she'll be back. Yay! This is a little goodbye for now video for her - we'll miss you Chica - come back soon!


Damaris said...

Thank you SO much Beth! You, your family and extended fam are la maxima ;) I'll be back soon!

Tom & Elaine Plank said...

Very cute video! We are living thru all of you in Cuenca!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

You'll be here one day Tom and Elaine!
Thanks for commenting - always nice to know someone is watching the blog

YaYa said...

Hi are quite the creative gal! Enjoyed the video. Also wanted you to know that your blog was one of the motivations for me to go to work with an English congregation in Costa Rica. I went for a month and loved every minute of it; the ministry was truly "missionary" territory. Just got back and am anxious to plan another trip;looking at Guatemala, Bolivia...or maybe
Ecuador :)

Keep blogging; it's an inspiration to many besides me I'm sure.
Your sis in New Hampshire,

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog even my little girl whos only eight is into it...

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Thanks for your comments, YaYa and Anon - sometimes I think I should stop blogging because nothing is really new and exciting to us anymore, and I wonder if it is getting boring. So comments like yours make me want to carry on.
Linda - how cool that you got to Taste needgreating. Maybe you will come to Ecuador? My advice to you and anybody else out there is make it here for the English convention - it is like no other. July 29 this year.