Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jungle Tripping

David and his visiting from Canada daughter, Jazmine
Intrepid Explores hit the road again. Here we are in one of Amanda's favorite town's - Mendez. It is a pretty little 'nearly in the jungle' town.
After some pretty terrible roads and 7 hours driving we finally arrived in Macas and our gorgeous lodge where there were many interesting animals including this little baby monkey. So cute!

A bat flew into the lodge that night to it's death - oh dear so sad!
A tarantula visited that night too 
Next day we trekked into the jungle to spend the day with a Shuar family. It was a mission to get there without falling on our faces into the mud - so much fun though!
What a fashion statement! It sure kept me dry though!
Interesting plant and insect life
Jungle Jim swings through the vines
Our Shuar guide shows the boys how its done! Point of interest - this guy has 11 children and is now
getting grandkids - must have started really young aye?

Row Row Row your boat gently down the Stream - no piranha's in this river much to Marks dismay!
But look what he did get to wrestle with
Lunch time
This is the last of Daniel's children - she was so sweet until  she had a sugar overload from all the candy I gave her - then she just became annoying - she wouldn't leave us alone as you can see from the following shot
Time to say goodbye with a song and dance especially for us
It was only a three day trip but we sure packed a lot into it - we drove from 10 in the morning yesterday till 11 at night to get home - stopping here and there to see more. Unfortunately the battery on my camera died  so can't show you any more shots but thems the breaks! Monkeys were high on the agenda this trip, Aaron would have been so jealous. It was a little scary driving through the night as we hit lots of pockets of fog, coming down through the mountains but we made it safely, thankfully. It sure was nice sleeping in my own bed last night but the memories of that trip will stay with me for a long time.


Amanda said...

So are we moving to the jungle? great photos xx

Marisa said...

What an awesome trip! The spider and the bat are creeping me out a little, though...