Friday, March 4, 2011

The comings and going in our house always keep us on our toes. Wednesday, Chads parents', Doug and Judy and Micheles' Mom (Mum to us of course), Beverley arrived to spend a couple of weeks here - great excitement! Today (Friday) Mark has flown up to Quito to attend the elders school, he comes back Monday. It's a shame it had to be this weekend - one where the Meetings and Witnessing are cancelled and he could have had a good rest. It's Carnival time in Ecuador and if you go out Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, you are likely to be hit with water bombs, or worse - eggs and flour! Also because a lot of the people are rather intoxicated - it can be a bit dangerous. So we get to stay in the house the whole weekend, eating and watching movies - oh hang on - that's what I do all the time!


Michele said...

and i'm sure there will be many games of Settlers. Hi Doug, Judy and Beverly, have a great time there.

Maureen and Lloyd said...

Hope your house is rocking with the added in laws and outlaws have a fab time, you never know we might be there sometime, well maybe.