Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Special Treat

Say hello to this friendly little fellow - yep that's right it's a deep fried guinea pig!
Alison (in the Chinese group with Amanda and Damaris' room mate) get to try the local delicacy for the first time. Here is proof that they actually did eat it! So proud of them! A family from our old congregation brought a Cuye (Guinea Pig) as a gift to Chad and Michele's folks and so Amanda and Alison got to try it finally. This gift was very special (and I am not saying that jokingly) because a fat cuye like this one could fetch the family at least $10 in earnings. Not to mention all the trouble they went to cooking the little beast. It takes hours to prepare-not really worth all the effort in my book- but certainly a very nice thing for them to have done. Mark took things a step further when he deep fried it - not only to heat it up but also to add flavour - after all everything is better deep fried right?

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