Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Experience

Posting again so soon, as I'm off to Secua to visit Brendon from NZ for the week, and had to share the mornings events while its all still fresh. I got taught a good lesson from Jehovah.

This morning there were very few out - Abrahan, a young Ecuadorian Brother, Jill a Canadian sister who is in our congregation with her husband and kids, and Dad and I. So I ended up working with Jill for the morning.

It all started very depressing - no one was home, and to top it off it was drizziling (bear in mind I had been soaked through twice on the weekend - so rain isnt my favorite right now) So when we rounded the corner on to the busy and bustling Avenida de las Americas (pretty much the main road) I said to Jill "this morning is so terrible, with all the not at homes, the rain - and I really dont like wittnesing on Avenidas Americas - there is so much noise, and all the people are busy trying to run the shops." - How wrong I was about to be proved.

First we went into a small shop, and they were happy to listen. they turned down the radio, and we had a small discussion on the bible.

As we exited, we were approached by a man who had just gotten out of his car. He asked where we were from, and If we were wittneses, and what languages we spoke. After answering these, he explained that his grandmother is a witness on the coast, and that him and his wife used to live there too - and his wife studied the bible there, but had lost contact - and would like to resume. He also wanted her to learn a bit of english too. But he said that they lived close - and would just go and pick her up and bring her to us, if we waited 20 minutes. - So we carried on with the territory.

The next shop for me was a DVD tienda. Great - another shop. Lesson time. The guy in the shop was SUPER interested. We had a great chat - and studied 3 paragraphs. He invited me to come back next week, but come in the morning he said, as he wont be there in the afternoon. Wow - he had told me the best time to get him - no more unsuccessful not at home study. I was even able to do the personal interest thing and have a good conversation - its so good now the people at the doors dont look at me strangely when I speak my Spanish.

So now we had to rush back down the road to meet the man from before - as it had been 30 minutes - not too worried though - we are on Ecuador time, where 20 minutes it actually 30.....

We get there and he pulls up at around the same time - with his wife. So Jill starts making the arrangements - and during the conversation the question is raised "how many times should we study a week? once or twice?" Wow - who says that on the first visit? Also after saying wednesday night was not good cos we have meetings then, but she is welcome to come, she expressed interest in coming along. So now it seems Jill will have a study that she can also talk to in English - what a blessing!

So in the end - our cruddy day of rain, not at homes, busy street - was really fantastic. I have learned not to complain about the day, or be uncomfortable on busy streets - Great lesson!

Well - gotta catch the bus down to Secua now. Chao for now


Ps - Sorry for my improper grammer and spelling - english was never my strong point in school - maby i should have done spanish then!


Tom & Elaine Plank said...

enjoying your contribution to Blog Aaron, we missed meeting you when we visited Cuenca, but your Mom Dad & sister helped encourage us to look at serving in another land, We hoped it would be Ecuador, but for now we're heading to Mexico, Dolores Hildago, in 3 weeks to start our "adventure". Keep up the Blog, its very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I had to read this a few times over, it was very enjoyable. Thanks for the encouraging post.

Jim C.

gregory fee said...

Hi- This is Bro. Fee from Maui, Hawaii. ( I read your from New Zealand- Do you know the Scherles? Uwe and Sharon were friends of ours that had moved from Virginia to there 5 years ago. Anyways, hope the best for you on assignment- and if you are interested in Maui- I am working on a field service blog also. Greg

Aaron said...

Hi Gregory.

I defiantly know the Scherles! In fact in NZ for a while I lived in the same city as them. They are a cool family, and Sharon makes the nicest peanut cookies I have ever had. Had many a cool card game with them. Lea has also just had her first child.

The Kinlocher's said...

Great blog entry and very interesting comments - small world huh.