Thursday, September 22, 2011

Progress Report

We might not be well traveled but our papers certainly are. Having to get Birth Certs etc legalized and sent over from New Zealand - we worried a bit that things wouldn't go too smoothly however thanks to my sister Ann getting them all organized (thanks again for that) they left New Zealand last Wednesday and arrived safe and sound on Tuesday. They went on a merry trip though - first to Australia, then to Los Angles, on to Cincinnati, Panama, Guayaquil and finally Cuenca. Amazing! Of course we had a little trouble finding the office to pick them up at - but we're kind of used to that.

It's been a crazy week - first of all we have our CO visit so meetings everynight. The lawyer working on getting the land value raised, said that the Municipilidad (Town Council) would not consider the application without a surveyor's report. "Great" we thought, "that is going to take forever". However, the lawyer contacted a guy and he came right over and arranged to go with Mark to view the land. Mark also went out with him yesterday to be his worker and we are told the report will be ready today - and all for only $200! That would never happen at home - you would wait for weeks and then add a couple more naughts to the price, or at least one.

We have also had visitors - a couple of lovely girls from Aussie. Enjoying their company very much - just wish we weren't rushing around like headless chickens!


The Kinlocher's said...

Glad to see they arrived safe and sound - so glad I work for a law office at this end - it made things so much easier that is for sure. It was fastinating to 'watch' the travel route of the packet - but a little frustrating that is seemed to sit for hours at the same location.
waiting for an update on the land purchase ----please

Anonymous said...

Mark or Beth could you contact me at
My wife and I live in Tasmania and are thinking of moving to Ecuador after we had the KM part 'Can You "Step Over Into Macedonia"?' and would like find out some of your experiences there.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot my manners, I meant to say "could you please contact me"

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark or Beth,
Could you contact me at sometime regarding your progress. We'll be looking at doing the same in October.

Jim Cohoon
English Congregation