Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ok so im being a bit of a blog hog here....

I just went to Mendez in the Jungle to visit my amigo from NZ, Brendon Macdonald. It was really cool to visit him there. In this group there are 12 Publishers, but 20 odd people regular attend the meetings. We basically just went field service the whole time. The Group is really nice - we went to 2 families houses for lunch - more on that later.


The View from Brendons Pad
Brendon is a bit of a icon in the town - he is pretty much the only gringo in town.... Cant walk anywhere without people yelling out "hey mister!" and taxi drivers yelling out as they go past "Brendon Macdonalds!"

One of the random people that just have to talk to Brendon every time they see him.
Anyway - the field service was really cool - im going to post another one later about a jungle adventure. But in town we were able to have some success - in fact I started a bible study, with a man that was asking questions like "how do we know this is not a lie, but the truth?" "When is the kingdom coming?" and " we are sinners - this is not possible." We ended up doing only 3 paragraphs - as I had said at the beginning we would only be 5 minutes, we had taken 15 minutes already, so needed to gap it. Wanted to leave him hungering! So the brother I was with, hopefully will have good success when he visits him.

Some weird fruit that looks like small balloons.
One of the biggest adventures we had was getting to and from one familys house for lunch. The house is about 10 or so Km's out of town. The night before the brother had said - "just hickhike out and back" Both me and brendon had never done this before - so were a bit apprehensive. But after one of Brendon's studys, we embarrassingly stuck out our thumbs. 

To our surprise - we were picked up by the first car! we didnt even wait 1 minute! A man was being taken to the next town by his lawyer friend. He was drinking a large Pilsiner beer - but fortunately, the lawyer was driving. The man said for us only to speak english as he wanted to practice. - he was a bit rough around the edges!

So we got there safe and sound, and had a lovely lunch with our brothers and sister. - then we had to make the trip back. out came the thumbs again as we walked - but noone picked us up! So we carried on walking, and walking, and walking.

2 hours down the hill we sat down a spell - but noone was keen to pick up a couple of Gringos. But lo and behold, finally a car stopped for us! Who should it be? the same guys from before - we are instant amigos! So happy! But once we get in, something is different - Mr Rough-around-the-edges that had the beer before is now driving. "ohoh" we thought "hopefully he is sober now" But they need gas - so we are coasting down the hills to save on petrol - not really a safe thing to do! but we finally get to the bottom and find a gas station and they fill the car, and also top up on...... BEER. So the guy starts driving AND drinking at the same time! Needless to say we gave them both a wittness before we were deposited in Mendez once again, safe and sound.

Anyway chow for now



Kylee said...

Oh i love hearing your stories Aaron! Wow hitchicking?! Something you would NEVER do over here!
Did they offer you a beer?

Anonymous said...

Great! so I guess they serve beer cold or warm? Anyways, the best. I enjoy reading NG stories...maybe I'll be on one day.

Aaron said...

Thanks Kylee, Unfortunatly we had to buy our own.... after finishing witnessing of course!

Garreth Collard said...

Ja ja ja. We laughed over breakfast reading your funny story!

The Kinlocher's said...

ha ha that was funny Aaron. But a little scary no doubt. Lots of praying going on.